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45 days until inauguration


Episode 5 | Billy Dave Sherman
“I think he is only out for himself and I hope he goes to jail when this is all over,” is what Billy Dave Sherman from The Steak House Mints said in our latest video. Since their hit “If I Were President” in 2007, The Steak House Mints have been crafting songs about love, existential angst and politics.

Episode 4 | Sandy & Richard Riccardi
“There’s a lot of bullshit right now. This is why we’re having a hard time getting rid of our little dictator.” Sandy and Richard are a couple who put a lot of work in making hilarious and confrontational Trump parodies!

Episode 3 | Broke Boy

“I was stuck inside all day, watching the news and I couldn’t get my thoughts out about how frustrated I was.” In this video he explains how he turned his frustration into an anti-Tump musical and blogging machine. UNCOVERING THE TRUTH!

Episode 2 | Roy Zimmerman
“Satire is supposed to be exaggeration. Right now there’s nothing weirder than the world”,
says musical satirist Roy Zimmerman.

Episode 1 | Laurie Lehner
is a singer, songwriter and satirist who does original songs, live performances and Trump parody music videos.

Use the hashtag #TrumpedByMusic and spread the word!

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