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Episode 6 | Cindy Peress & Christine Wiltshire
“If we dont get of our asses and do something about this shit, and change this shit, it is not going to happen.” Is what Christine Wiltshire said in our latest video. Cindy and Christine both live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, they are friends united by music. But they worry about the impact Trump is having on their homeland…


Episode 5 | Billy Dave Sherman
“I think he is only out for himself and I hope he goes to jail when this is all over,” is what Billy Dave Sherman from The Steak House Mints said in our latest video. Since their hit “If I Were President” in 2007, The Steak House Mints have been crafting songs about love, existential angst and politics.

Episode 4 | Sandy & Richard Riccardi
“There’s a lot of bullshit right now. This is why we’re having a hard time getting rid of our little dictator.” Sandy and Richard are a couple who put a lot of work in making hilarious and confrontational Trump parodies!

Episode 3 | Broke Boy

“I was stuck inside all day, watching the news and I couldn’t get my thoughts out about how frustrated I was.” In this video he explains how he turned his frustration into an anti-Tump musical and blogging machine. UNCOVERING THE TRUTH!

Episode 2 | Roy Zimmerman
“Satire is supposed to be exaggeration. Right now there’s nothing weirder than the world”,
says musical satirist Roy Zimmerman.

Episode 1 | Laurie Lehner
is a singer, songwriter and satirist who does original songs, live performances and Trump parody music videos.

Use the hashtag #TrumpedByMusic and spread the word!

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