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This weeks song

MAGA (a parody of “My Girl”)by Roy Zimmerman

From Roy: Our new video “MAGA” (a parody of “My Girl”) is our attempt to find the right balance between horror and hope. Trump wanted to throw out all of the votes from Detroit, so we wanted our response to come from Motown. “My Girl” is a beautiful melody, of course, and the contrast with footage of the senseless violence at the Capitol made us weep many times during the editing process. It’s our Americana prayer for justice.

The video features our friend Sandy Riccardi, featured in Trumped by Music Episode #4!


MUSICIANS NEEDED! We plan to release a video a week in the weeks leading up to the election. If you are a musician, and would like to be considered, please get in touch! Let's use the power of music to effect change!

Roy Zimmerman - Drain the swamp
Roy Zimmerman - MAGA (a parody of “My Girl”)
Biden ft. Trump - HIT THE ROAD TRUMP!
Lindsey Elam - New President for Christmas
Roy Zimmerman - “Four Seasons Total Landscaping (Highway 95 Revisited)”
Daniel Resh - Blue Revolution
Tim Reynolds - Tim Reynolds – “UPOS POTUS”
Negative Tendencies - Lights Out for the GOP
Negative Tendencies - National Anthem 2019 (Trump Spangled Banner)
Negative Tendencies - Perry Mason
Roy Zimmerman - “Vote Him Away #4 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)”
Janee Klar - “Little boy” A Song about Donald Trump with a happy ending
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - I Screamed a Scream
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Tr$mp Got It From Hope
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - TheWreck of the Tr*mp-Train Parade-Boats
Nate Schweber - Hellfire & Brimstone
Jen Houston - Exes Expose (Jen Houston Parody)
Jen Houston - Pathological Liar (Jen Houston Parody)
Dave Rucci - You’re A Pain/ You’re So Lame – Donald Trump spoof (Carly Simon parody)
Roy Zimmerman - “Vote Him Away #3 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)”
Don't know how they love him - Judy Freed
Daniel Resh - Ridin with Biden 2020 Trump protest song
Daniel Resh - I Won’t Vote For Him – Trump Protest Song
Steak House Mints - If I Were President
Lauren Mayer & Nicole Sandler - Landslide
Judy Freed - Trump-Trollery
Jonathan Jensen - Fake News (parody of Fugue For Tinhorns)
Emma's Revolution - “Our People Gonna Rise”
Emma's Revolution - From a (Social) Distance” Song Parody
Roy Zimmerman - “Feed the Birds (Trump Pence and MAGA)”
Miss Laurie Lehner - TRUMP EVITA
Jonathan Jensen - Biden This Time(Bidin’ My Time)
The Steak House Mints - We Are the People
Lauren Mayer - “Will You Shut Up, Man?”
The Steak House Mints - Don’t Let the Russian Bots Win
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Riccardi Subversive Satire #8
Miss Laurie Lehner - (You’ve Been Arraigned By The) SDNY – YMCA parody
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Trump’s Favorite Things
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump
Dorothy Bishop - A special Quarantine message from Stevie Nicks
Dorothy Bishop - Karen won’t wear a mask
Dorothy Bishop - A word from Dr Birx re: Chlorox
Lauren Mayer - It’s Raining Lies
Lauren Mayer - Tyrants Are Now Trump’s Best Friends
Lauren Mayer - Dayenu (For The Trump Era)
Lauren Mayer - The “Person Woman Man Camera TV” song
Lauren Mayer - The Emoluments Song
Lauren Mayer - Rock Bottom Has A Basement (the Trump behavior song)
Michael & Teri Conn - What’s It Gonna Take?
Michael & Teri Conn - Rise Up – Dissent is Patriotic
Judy Freed - Depraved, Dangerous, and Deluded
Dorothy Bishop - Melania Trump explains why she wont hold Donald’s Hand
Miss Laurie Lehner - It Is What It Is (Que Sera Sera / Trump parody)
Dave Rucci - Toxic Tangerine
Celantra - Contagious
Miss Laurie Lehner - How To Spell Words
The Blackshanks - Go Fuck Your Gun
The Blackshanks - Election Day
Roy Zimmerman - COVFEFE – Grounds for Impeachment
Roy Zimmerman - The Shady Bunch
Br0keb0i - President Evil
Br0keb0i - Plump Fiction
Brian Kenney Fresno - Rumplestiltskin
Roy Zimmerman - Vote him away #2 (the liar tweets tonight)
Roy Zimmerman - The Liar Tweets Tonight
Peggy C. Johnson - Sock Puppet
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