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3 days until inauguration

This weeks song

HIT THE ROAD TRUMP!by Biden ft. Trump


MUSICIANS NEEDED! We plan to release a video a week in the weeks leading up to the election. If you are a musician, and would like to be considered, please get in touch! Let's use the power of music to effect change!

Biden ft. Trump - HIT THE ROAD TRUMP!
Lindsey Elam - New President for Christmas
Roy Zimmerman - “Four Seasons Total Landscaping (Highway 95 Revisited)”
Daniel Resh - Blue Revolution
Tim Reynolds - Tim Reynolds – “UPOS POTUS”
Negative Tendencies - Lights Out for the GOP
Negative Tendencies - National Anthem 2019 (Trump Spangled Banner)
Negative Tendencies - Perry Mason
Roy Zimmerman - “Vote Him Away #4 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)”
Janee Klar - “Little boy” A Song about Donald Trump with a happy ending
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - I Screamed a Scream
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Tr$mp Got It From Hope
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - TheWreck of the Tr*mp-Train Parade-Boats
Nate Schweber - Hellfire & Brimstone
Jen Houston - Exes Expose (Jen Houston Parody)
Jen Houston - Pathological Liar (Jen Houston Parody)
Dave Rucci - You’re A Pain/ You’re So Lame – Donald Trump spoof (Carly Simon parody)
Roy Zimmerman - “Vote Him Away #3 (The Liar Tweets Tonight)”
Don't know how they love him - Judy Freed
Daniel Resh - Ridin with Biden 2020 Trump protest song
Daniel Resh - I Won’t Vote For Him – Trump Protest Song
Steak House Mints - If I Were President
Lauren Mayer & Nicole Sandler - Landslide
Judy Freed - Trump-Trollery
Jonathan Jensen - Fake News (parody of Fugue For Tinhorns)
Emma's Revolution - “Our People Gonna Rise”
Emma's Revolution - From a (Social) Distance” Song Parody
Roy Zimmerman - “Feed the Birds (Trump Pence and MAGA)”
Miss Laurie Lehner - TRUMP EVITA
Jonathan Jensen - Biden This Time(Bidin’ My Time)
The Steak House Mints - We Are the People
Lauren Mayer - “Will You Shut Up, Man?”
The Steak House Mints - Don’t Let the Russian Bots Win
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Riccardi Subversive Satire #8
Miss Laurie Lehner - (You’ve Been Arraigned By The) SDNY – YMCA parody
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Trump’s Favorite Things
Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump
Dorothy Bishop - A special Quarantine message from Stevie Nicks
Dorothy Bishop - Karen won’t wear a mask
Dorothy Bishop - A word from Dr Birx re: Chlorox
Lauren Mayer - It’s Raining Lies
Lauren Mayer - Tyrants Are Now Trump’s Best Friends
Lauren Mayer - Dayenu (For The Trump Era)
Lauren Mayer - The “Person Woman Man Camera TV” song
Lauren Mayer - The Emoluments Song
Lauren Mayer - Rock Bottom Has A Basement (the Trump behavior song)
Michael & Teri Conn - What’s It Gonna Take?
Michael & Teri Conn - Rise Up – Dissent is Patriotic
Judy Freed - Depraved, Dangerous, and Deluded
Dorothy Bishop - Melania Trump explains why she wont hold Donald’s Hand
Miss Laurie Lehner - It Is What It Is (Que Sera Sera / Trump parody)
Dave Rucci - Toxic Tangerine
Celantra - Contagious
Miss Laurie Lehner - How To Spell Words
The Blackshanks - Go Fuck Your Gun
The Blackshanks - Election Day
Roy Zimmerman - COVFEFE – Grounds for Impeachment
Roy Zimmerman - The Shady Bunch
Br0keb0i - President Evil
Br0keb0i - Plump Fiction
Brian Kenney Fresno - Rumplestiltskin
Roy Zimmerman - Vote him away #2 (the liar tweets tonight)
Roy Zimmerman - The Liar Tweets Tonight
Peggy C. Johnson - Sock Puppet
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