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Thank you for your support!

Hi Trumped By Music Supporters!

Firstly, to our backers, Frank and I give you our heartfelt thanks for your encouragement and support. The project wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Secondly, since our last update, we published two more videos, and of course the election and its aftermath occurred. We published the last two videos after the election. Frank and I made this decision in order not to sacrifice on quality just to rush something out, and also we already had a suspicion that our musicians’ message would remain valid post election (and sadly we’ve been proven right).

The new videos can be found here:

through our website (preferred): www.trumpedbymusic.com/videos

YouTube: YouTube

Here’s an overview of the episodes:

Episode 5: Billy Dave Sherman & The Steak House Mints

Our 5th video features Chicago musician Billy Dave Sherman. “I think he is only out for himself and I hope he goes to jail when this is all over,” is what Billy Dave said in our 5th video. Since their hit “If I Were President” in 2007, The Steak House Mints have been crafting songs about love, existential angst and politics.

Video: http://www.trumpedbymusic.com/videos

Episode 6: Cindy Peress & Christine Wiltshire

Christine and Cindy are friends living in Amsterdam, united by music, but they worry about the impact Trump is having on their homeland. It was the only video we could shoot live!

Christine: “As a black woman from America, I have to be more angry, more involved. I just can’t sit back and not open my mouth, not protest, not vote.”

Cindy: “I have real faith, still, in humans. You give and how does somebody receive what you give them? Is the earth available to take a seed?”

Video: http://www.trumpedbymusic.com/videos

And of course a special thanks to our seven artists, Miss Laurie Lehner, Roy Zimmerman, The Broke Boy, Sandy and Richard Riccardi, Billy Dave Sherman, Christine Wiltshire and Cindy Peress!

If you enjoy the videos, it’s much appreciated if you could like and share them.

More of their work, and many more artists we featured, can be found here:

We like to think our project played a small part to raise awareness for the efforts that many musicians put into expressing their political beliefs through music, often on a voluntary basis, and not just the seven artists we featured, but also the many artists whose work we posted on the http://www.trumpedbymusic.com website.

Our website and the video links will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Please feel free to show your friends your Trumped By Music T-shirts. You were on the right side of history!

We still have some available for the special ‘post-Trump’ price of only 10 euros / 12 dollars (excluding shipping).

If you would like some extras at this price, please let us know and we will get them out to you asap. It helps us to maintain the website and keep the message and the community we’ve built alive. Unfortunately, Trump will still be causing trouble from Mar-a-lago for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again and please stay in touch.

Warm Regards,
David & Frank

More info: www.trumpedbymusic.com | info@trumpedbymusic.com | facebook.com/trumpedbymusic

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