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More Artists Join the TRUMPED BY MUSIC Team!

Hello TRUMPED BY MUSIC Supporters!

TRUMPED BY MUSIC is proud to announce the following artists have joined us in our cause to help anti-Trump musicians be seen and heard!

All songs can be found here: www.trumpedbymusic.com/music

Please support them by giving them a listen and sharing their YouTube link!

With these new additions, there’s something for everyone no matter your genre preference satirical/parody, rap, hard rock and ambient/soothing.

Country lovers: thanks for your patience and watch this space!

First, our Song of the Week!

Miss Laurie Lehner performs “How to Spell Words”

Laurie explains, “Numbering among Donald Trump’s many failings is his troubled relationship with the English language. Hollaback Girl takes us through some of the absurdities we’ve suffered by his tweeting hand.”

Celantra performs “Contagious”

Heartbreaking topics, yet a soothing track about compassion.

Celantra said, “We wrote ‘Contagious’ long before there was a pandemic. It’s about the need to make compassion contagious. We need compassion for immigrant children, the homeless, and the victims of racism and police brutality.  We need compassion to save our country, that is the only cure to our problems.

Br0keB0i performs “Raging Bull**** – Cancel Trump Song”, “President Evil” and “Plump Fiction”

Br0keB0i says, “Made these to get young people inspired to vote. Whatever it takes to win this election!”

The Blackshanks perform “Election Day” and “Go F*** Your Gun”

In our opinion, both of these videos are criminally underplayed! (parental guidance advised)

“Go F*** Your Gun” is gonna slap you in the face and knock you senseless.

Dave Rucci performs “Toxic Tangerine”

A parody highlighting our current president’s mainly failings (our favorite part: the golf swing syncing!)


There will be more to come very soon!

Thanks for helping to spread the word so we can keep helping Anti-Trump musicians spread their message all the way until November 3!


Frank, David and Pippi

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